Omnigym Omnigym Omnigym


A complete gym in one single unit

50 different exercises in one gym

Space efficiency
Using 0,25 m2 floor space (closed)


One press unit, one pull unit & one curl unit

Fully adjustable bench

Space efficiency
Using 2,25 m2 floor space (fully opened)

No limits

Set your clock. Press, squat, row, rotate, pull, jerk, snatch, kick or curl as many reps as you possibly can. Work through your entire body and perform a variety of 50 exercises. High-intensity training with heavy weights is not a problem. NÜO OMNIGYM’s construction has welded joints to allow maximum exertion while maintaining controlled movement.

Pain made comfortable

No pain, no gain. Hardcore exercise makes your body beg for mercy.
Yet, NÜO OMNIGYM is more comfortable than other multi-purpose gym equipment:

  • Transform the cabinet to a gym in 3 seconds. Save time and maximize exercise efficiency
  • Work out in silence. Noise reduction materials enhance comfort levels

Customized or camouflaged?

You decide. The cabinet doors can be coloured or coated to express your personal taste or simply to blend in with the interior design. This feature makes NÜO OMNIGYM easy to place anywhere at home, in the office or wherever you can make room for a 1,5 x 1,5 metre surface.

Technical specification

  • A compact gym that offers you over 50 relevant exercises.
  • Dimensions: W 50mm x H 2110mm x D 520mm
  • Dimensions Expanded: W 1410 mm x H 2110mm x D 1800mm
  • The pivot point aligns automatically when the back position is adjusted.
  • The bench unit is gas-spring assisted for easy use.
  • Omnigym utilizes two upper and two lower pulley systems
  • The standard weight stack is 80 kg and can be expanded to 100 kg.

order process

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2110 mm
550 mm
520 mm